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 Last year over 26 million people filed there individual tax returns with a personal computer.They filed online or bought software at a local department store. If you prepare your own tax return please consider using the link above to electronically file your return. The site is full of information to help you prepare the return. For more information I've included some frequently asked questions.

Here are a few reasons to use The Ledger Company to file your federal and state tax returns online.

1. Filing your taxes with us is reliable, accurate, and  safe. The platform you use to file your income tax return has been used by tax professionals for over 30 years. Over 20 thousand tax professionals use the same system to file their clients tax returns. Your tax information must not contain any errors before it is transmitted electronically. The program will warn you with messages and how to correct any problems with your tax return. Once you verify the tax information is entered correctly your tax return is transmitted to the IRS and state electronically with accuracy. Your personal and tax information is encrypted to insure that your privacy and tax information are protected and safe.

2. You can file both the federal and  state tax returns. The fee is 25.00 and includes federal and multiple state returns.  Once you log in and set up your file, you don't pay until you are satisfied with the tax return results. The cost covers prepare the federal and state tax returns and electronically filing them. You can even direct deposit your refund at no additional cost.

One final request. Will you please forward this filing opportunity to your friends and family. If you know one of the 26 million people who file their own tax return please drop them an email and tell them about May God bless you and your family.

Matt Devers   


Online Tax Preparation Frequently Asked Questions


What forms and schedules can be efiled online?

Does the pricing include both Federal and State?

What states can be efiled?

Do I receive a confirmation that the return is efiled?

Is there online help for tax preparation?

If I stop before completing my return can save it and finish later?

What refund options do I have? 




What schedules and federal forms can be filed online? 


Form 1040EZ

Form 1040A

Form 1040

Form 1040-ES

Form 1098

Form 1099-C

Form 1099-DIV

Form 1099-G

Form 1099-INT

Form 1099-MISC

Form 1099-R

Form 1099-RRB

Form 1099-SSA

Form 1116

Form 2106

Form 2120

Form 2210

Form 2439

Form 2441

Form 3903

Form 4136

Form 4137

Form 4562

Form 4684

Form 4797

Form 4835

Form 4868

Form 4952

Form 5329

Form 5405

Form 5695

Form 5884

Form 6252

Form 6478

Form 6781

Form 8082

Form 8283

Form 8332

Form 8379

Form 8396

Form 8606

Form 8609

Form 8615

Form 8801

Form 8814

Form 8815

Form 8829

Form 8839

Form 8853

Form 8859

Form 8862

Form 8863

Form 8867

Form 8880

Form 8885

Form 8889

Form 8903

Form 8910

Form 8917

Form W-2

Form W-2G

Schedule A

Schedule C

Schedule D

Schedule E

Schedule F

Schedule H

Schedule K-1 for 1041

Schedule K-1 for 1065

Schedule K-1 for 1120S

Schedule R

Schedule SCH

Schedule SE





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Does the pricing include both Federal and State?



Federal 1040EZ


Federal 1040A



Federal 1040







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What states can be efiled?

All states that offer electronic filing are available for efiling through Online Tax Preparation.

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Does a customer who efiles receive a confirmation that the efile has been sent?

Yes, the filer will receive an email confirmation. Additionally, the filer can log back in to Online Tax Preparation to review acknowledgments for the return.

The filer can also click on the Return Status link on your web site, if you have opted to add this link. This will direct the filer to Online Tax Preparation to review the status of the return.

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Are there online help screens for Online Tax Preparation?

Yes, there is field-level and page-level help offered throughout the online preparation process.

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If a customer has to stop before completing a return, will it be saved to finish later?

Yes. All the customer needs to do is click Save and return to the site to finish later.

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What refund options does the taxpayer have?






















Check delivered via mail

Direct Deposit





















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